Alexandra (Ally) Ratzke, Registered Acupuncturist & Certified Laser Acupuncturist

I graduated with honors from Pacific Rim College in June 2014 with a three-year diploma as a Registered Acupuncturist. In 2017, I completed my training in the Basis of Laser Therapy, Laser Safety and Laser Acupuncture.

My appreciation for alternative medicine began years ago when I pursued treatments for whiplash induced neck pain. I found that acupuncture not only targeted the pain, but also gave me a sense of mental clarity and calm. Moreover, I found a reduction in stress which vastly improved my recovery. The best part of my recovery process was being able to take charge of my own well-being and not having to look to a more passive form of healing, like prescription medications. The prospect of living with chronic pain was not an option. Acupuncture is highly versatile and can treat many different disorders and ailments affecting the body physically, mentally, or spiritually.

After working with acupuncture for the last few years and experiencing first-hand how it improves people’s lives, I decided to explore other avenues of healing. I began researching Cold Laser Therapy (CLT), which I could use in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Doctors, physiotherapists, dermatologists, veterinarians and dentists are enhancing their practices and achieving outstanding results through CLT. I personally became intrigued by its efficacy for pain management and wound healing, however it extends beyond just pain. It can be used to treat many skin disorders, rejuvenate tired or aging skin, and can also be used in the treatment of addictive or compulsive behaviours such as smoking and weight loss. Acupuncture and CLT are multifaceted practices that are always improving: new techniques for treating patients are being developed all the time.

I love working with people and place their comfort and well-being in the highest regard. I am very passionate about alternative medicine and acquiring new skills to further augment my education and practice. Moreover, I look forward to working with new people and assisting them in their journey to a healthier and happier life.


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