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Chinese Acupuncture and Laser Acupuncture Treatments – Cupping, Moxibusion, Needling Dealing with MSK issues, chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, smoking cessation, depression, fertility.


1 hour initial appointment: $126.00
Follow-up 45 min session: $95.00
Follow-up 30 min session: $63.00
Skin Rejuvenation 1 hour session: $126.00
Photofacial 1 hour session: $150.00
K laser 15 min session: $ 30.00

Traditional Chinese medicine

Cupping is used in traditional Chinese medicine for pain, inflammation, detoxification and blood circulation. There are many practices including physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic that have all adopted the use of cupping. It is a great way to get deep into sore muscles and fascia. I use cupping and Gua Sha (few posts back) quite similarly in my practice and achieve great results. Plus, people enjoy the feel of cupping… you may be a bit sore the next day but your muscles will thank you!

Alexandra Laser Acupuncture

I am moving from Victoria BC to Dawson Creek BC and happy to say I’ll be starting my practice back up at Deep Physio!! I’ll definitely miss Victoria and sad to go, but very excited to start up north officially July 17th. You can book appointments through our online system on the clinic website. Check out for more info.

My new website is at: and my email address will be

Alexandra Ratzke

I am always evolving …

I am always evolving my practice and have really enjoyed watching the transformation I see with some of my clientele. Nothing makes me happier than being a guide to helping people on their road to recovery and body awareness. Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that has been used for thousands of years, whereas cold laser therapy is a more modern approach to healing the body. The use of the two together is an “East meets West” dynamic duo of treatment. It’s also a great way to open the door for those who are skeptical about the effectiveness of acupuncture but are looking for a more holistic therapy.

The body responds …

The body responds quicker to traditional acupuncture, while laser therapy takes a few sessions for people to start noticing improvements. When the two are combined, the response in the body is expedited through the use of acupuncture and relief of symptoms is longer lasting due to cold laser therapy. The laser is also a great time saver when it comes to the treatment length. I understand that many people have busy lives and have trouble finding the time to practice self-care. Most areas or points/trigger points that the laser is used over takes anywhere from 45 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds…. That’s it! 

The use of cold laser therapy …

The use of cold laser therapy has been incorporated into my practice for almost two months now. I have observed significant changes to my treatments that have benefit my patients immensely. The most dramatic observation I have witnessed is how quickly people respond to a treatment when both acupuncture and cold laser are applied. Initially, I wasn’t sure how to integrate these two forms of treatment and even considered focusing my practice more towards cold laser therapy, however, I have discovered that the longest lasting results have occurred through the use of both modalities.

“My appreciation for…

“My appreciation for alternative medicine began years ago when I pursued treatments for whiplash induced neck pain. I found that acupuncture not only targeted the pain, but also gave me a sense of mental clarity and calm. Moreover, I found a reduction in stress which vastly improved my recovery.” – Alexandra

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